Tumblr - Social Media Marketing

Tumblr - Social Media Marketing

Tumblr is like a blog on steroids. It’s also a very easy-to-use microblogging platform—you can launch your own mixed media ‘tumblelog’ within minutes, and be automatically integrated with 260 million other blogs on Tumblr. You can integrate video, audio, GIFs, chat, and other interactive content. Oh, and it’s free, though Tumblr offers lots of useful premium services, too.

Most Tumblr accounts belong to individuals looking to showcase their art and writing, but brands can successfully use it as a marketing and advertising tool. One of the perks of creating a blog on Tumblr is the 420 million users already registered on the site who spend an average of 28 minutes per visit—all potential eyeballs for your branded content.

Here are some tips to create a successful, engaging Tumblr with that boosts your brand and business:

Getting started on Tumblr

After you create an account, integrate your new Tumblr with your company’s Instagram account. This will make sharing images between the two platforms very easy. You should also connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social accounts so you can promote your Tumblr content across the other platforms.

Research your audience, and take time to research other Tumblr accounts to follow that are relevant to your audience and marketing goals. Engage with these accounts —a lot. The more you’re familiar with how other people use Tumblr, the more you can properly utilize it.

After you get the hang of posting content, one very useful feature of Tumblr is the scheduler. This tool allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, which is handy for posting regular content, or content that coincides with events. This will save you a lot of the trouble of timing your posts that you may find on other social media sites.

What should you post on Tumblr?

Keep it simple. The nature of Tumblr is short, concise, and undeniably casual. This is not the place for formal press releases or corporate-sounding case studies, so get creative. Cut through the noise with daring photos, edgy content, and original contests. Tumblr bloggers tend to be creative, which ups the ante for posting unique ideas. Make it visual. Chose vibrant photos and illustrations that reflect your brand and catch the browser’s attention. Be bold!

And don’t forget to use tags. This allows your blog to be found through Tumblr’s search, including trending topics. This allows you to be found more easily—and follow your competitors and audience.

You should also reblog, reblog, and reblog more. The essence of Tumblr is that all content created there is not in a silo—it becomes part of the Tumblr community, so feel free to share content that’s relevant to what you’re doing. Not only would this increase your familiarity with the platform, but you can watch your following grow.

Getting the most out of Tumblr

Take advantage of the analytics they offer. You can connect a Google Analytics account to your Tumblr account for free. Or for a monthly fee, brands can access Tumblr Analytics, which gives deeper insight into your audience, keywords, traffic, and content engagement. Depending on how much your small business utilizes Tumblr, this kind of information could be invaluable.

Tumblr’s unique system of combining multiple pieces of different kinds of media allows its users to express creativity in ways that other social media platforms can’t. If your small business specializes in a product or service that can lend itself to visuals, Tumblr may be perfect for you.

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