Mom Momentum in Careers

Mom Momentum in Careers

I’ve known best-selling author Samantha Ettus professionally for four years, and have always appreciated how nice she is, even though she is a New York Times Bestseller star. She has always taken my calls, made helpful introductions when I asked, and offered up heaps of fantastic advice.

So it’s fitting that Ettus’ latest book, The Pie Life: A Guilt Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, is described as “the ultimate self improvement play book for women.”

On this Working Moms Mean Business episode, Ettus offers up some practical suggestions for thriving in all the areas of your life— kids, romance, career, community, friends, and hobbies — in order to be a full, dynamic person. The essence of her message is that by honoring and nurturing each of these areas of life, you can be invigorated, healthy, and happy, and create positive energy.

Expert tips from Samantha Ettus:

  • Bask in a “Magic Hour.” Rise an hour before everyone else in your household, and tackle personal projects, shower, and otherwise get ready for the rest of the day, uninterrupted. Maximize this time to jump-start your day.
  • Adhere to the “Golden Triangle.” Rearrange your life so that all your errands can be accomplished within the geographic parameters of your home, kids’ school and your office. Even if you love your gym, and it is 5 miles outside of that triangle, switch gyms. Same with your therapist, salon, dry cleaner, and grocery store. It is all about convenience and efficiency.
  • Remember: Dads are parents, too. If you assume you are the better parent, their dad is less inclined to participate, which might mean more control for you, but far less participation from your co-parent.

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While a majority of Americans believe that children fare better when their mothers stay home full-time, most American moms work – and research suggests having a working mom benefits children. Still, moms often experience guilt when choosing a career and motherhood. The Working Moms Mean Business series dives into the research, insights and success stories of this complex issue.