Working Moms Mean Business explores the time management, relationship and logistical challenges of being a working mom. It also shares success stories of how women overcame these challenges.

Mom Guilt

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Emma Johnson is a veteran money writer, blogger, and host of the podcast, Like a Mother. A former Associated Press finance reporter and MSN Money columnist, Emma has written for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, WORTH, Glamour, REAL SIMPLE, USA Today and others.

A universal challenge for most working moms is dealing with the guilt that often accompanies a career. That’s why Emma and BBVA Compass have made available this special eBook: Mom Guilt: Why We Have It and How to Conquer It. This free downloadable eBook explores where these feelings come from, the realities about what our kids actually need from us, and success stories from moms who conquered their own guilt.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BBVA Compass.

Episodes and Stories

Lisa Warren
Dr. Julie Harper


Featuring Lisa Warren & Dr. Julie Harper | 41:40

A few years ago headlines went bananas when Pew research found that four in 10 families with children lived in households with women who were the sole or primary earner. Hear what this means from Birmingham business leaders and family breadwinners Lisa Warren and Dr. Julie Harper.

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Scarlett Sieber
Nicole Smith

Women in Technology

Featuring Scarlett Sieber & Nicole Smith | 47:00

Digital banking executive Scarlett Sieber and tech entrepreneur Nicole Smith talk about innovation, the tech industry, and opportunities for women.

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Samantha Ettus

Mom Momentum in Careers

Featuring Samantha Ettus | 31:00

Samantha Ettus offers up some practical suggestions for thriving in all the areas of your life — kids, romance, career, community, friends, and hobbies — in order to be a full, dynamic person.

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Nicole Feliciano
Ayo Ogun-McCants


Featuring Nicole Feliciano & Ayo Ogun-McCants | 54:00

Starting and building a company is not for the faint of heart. But Nicole Feliciano and Ayo Ogun-McCants point out that the abundance of success stories supports the notion that mothers are often incredible mothers of invention.

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Rachel Cruze

Financial Knowledge is Power

Featuring Rachel Cruze | 36:00

It’s little wonder Rachel Cruze is a financial educator. Her dad is Dave Ramsey, a best-selling personal finance expert and host of a wildly popular radio show, whose financial recovery story is well-known.

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Jennifer Owen

The Child Care Challenge

Featuring Jennifer Owen | 32:00

Jennifer Owen, editorial director of Working Mother Media, and director of the Working Mother Research Institute, discusses creative and practical ways to navigate child care.

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Kathleen McGinn

Working Moms’ Impact on Kids

Featuring Kathleen McGinn | 29:00

Harvard Business School professor Kathleen McGinn discusses her recent study that found growing up with a working mother actually improves future prospects.

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Amanda Augustine
Betsy Smith

Where Are the Women?

Featuring Amanda Augustine & Betsy Smith | 1:00:30

In this Working Moms Mean Business episode, Betsy Smith and BBVA Compass economist Amanda Augustine, co-author of a recent study analyzing the workforce shift in labor participation, explains her findings, why this trend matters, and what can be done to reverse it.

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Patrice D'Eramo


Featuring Patrice D'Eramo | 40:00

Cicso Systems’ Patrice D’Eramo talks about the importance of mentoring for women in their lives and careers.

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Kate Torgersen

Mom-friendly Workplaces

Featuring Kate Torgersen | 1:00:30

Kate Torgersen, mom and founder of Milk Stork, shares on this episode why companies are inspired to support working parents with these benefits.

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